Prague to Nordkapp
Petr Major - Sea kayaking Prague to Nordkapp and portaging Lapland 

Aleutian Islands
Rob Avery - Guide to dream destination by Rob who has organised trips to the islands off Alaska

Round Britain Record
Joe Leach - the 24 year old who set a new 67 day record in 2012.

Erik B Jorgensen - Kayaking the whole Scandinavian coast.

South Georgia
Hayley Shephard - the gripping story of her attempt to circumnavigate South Georgia island.

Paddle to Seattle
Josh Thomas & JJ Kelley - inside story of their film of Canada’s Inside Passage.

Patrick Winterton - epic three day kayak voyage from Scotland to Faeroes and into record books.

Bering Strait
Trevor Potts - the first expedition to kayak from Alaska to the USSR.  With someone from the CIA.

South Georgia
Jeff Allen - a successful circumnavigation in hostile seas.

On this page you’ll hear stories to make you want to go sea kayaking.  But not always to the places these people have been.

Rarely covered by conventional media, here you can listen to outstanding tales told first hand by the people who lived them.  Even if the topic doesn’t immediately grab you, the stories will, I guarantee.

If you think you have a story which should be added to this page - tell

Alice Courvoisier
Alice Courvoisier - kayaking the coast of Norway then following rivers to the Gulf of Bothnia

Round Britain - Czech Way
Michal and Natalie Maderova - with just 3 years experience they kayaked around Britain.

Denmark in Winter
Erik B. Jorgensen - His winter circumnavigation of Denmark captivated the whole country.

Around Britain
Barry Shaw - kayaking around Britain, but did they break the speed record?

Doug Cooper - an outfitted trip, but lots of information for independent kayakers aiming for Greenland.

Wake of Shackleton  
Trevor Potts - not kayaking but an amazing recreation of Shackleton’s famous voyage.

Baffin Island
Alistair Gray - organising and surviving an expedition to this inhospitable land.

New Zealand
Justine Curgenven & Barry Shaw - circumnavigating South Island of New Zealand.

North Sea Crossing Pt1
Patrick Winterton - Part 1 of a remarkable expedition story, crossing the North Sea from Shetland to Norway

North Sea Crossing Pt2
Patrick Winterton - Part 2 of a remarkable expedition story, crossing the North Sea from Shetland to Norway with Olly Hicks

England to Finland
Erin Dunn & Alice Lawson - kayaking from England to Finland.

Round Britain with a Stick
Rowland Woollven - First to kayak around Britain using a Greenland paddle.

Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Falklands
Marcus Demuth - stories and practical advice on these destinations

Arctic Voice
Stephen Doughty - when nothing goes exactly as planned.

Olly Sanders - a major Norway expedition with lots of info for independent kayakers.

Tom Pendry - trying to make his long journey’s environmentally friendly.
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Interviews with the world’s most interesting sea kayakers
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