Interviews with the world’s most interesting sea kayakers.
Please download a few, have a listen, then visit to enjoy more than sixty interviews covering all aspects of sea kayaking. I’d love to hear your suggestions of subjects or people to interview - thanks.  Simon Willis.
Prague to Nordkapp
Petr Major - Sea kayaking from Prague to Nordkapp and portaging Lapland
1st April 2014

Carrie Stevenson
Carrie Stevenson - Scottish sea canoeing in the 1950's recalled by one of its pioneers
1st March 2014

Composite Kayak Expedition Repair
Howard Jeffs - the last of four video podcasts on emergency and expedition sea kayak repair looks at an expedition repair to a composite kayak.
15th February 2014

Lost Hatch & Leaking Skeg Repairs
Howard Jeffs - the third of four video podcasts on emergency and expedition sea kayak repair, both on the water and on the shore.
1st February 2014

2 Strong Expedition Kayak Repairs
Howard Jeffs - the second of four video podcasts on sea kayak repair, both on the water and on the shore.
15th January 2014

3 Fast Sea Kayak Repairs
Howard Jeffs - the first of four video podcasts on kayak repair, both on the water and on the shore. 
1st January 2014

Alice Courvoisier
Alice Courvoisier - kayaking the coast of Norway then following rivers to the Gulf of Bothnia.  Alice’s account of the journey is here.
1st December 2013

North Sea Crossing - Pt 2
Patrick Winterton - Part 2 of a remarkable expedition story, crossing the North Sea from Shetland to Norway with Olly Hicks
15th November 2013

North Sea Crossing - Pt 1
Patrick Winterton - Part 1 of a remarkable expedition story, crossing the North Sea from Shetland to Norway
1st November 2013

Free Sea Kayak Safety Video
Paddlers are encouraged to download and watch this free video which contains advice from expert kayakers and rescue professionals. It’s a cut-down of the Emergency Situations film from Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown which shows the equipment and techniques deployed in realistic scenarios.   15th October 2013

Shooting - Emergency Situations
Behind the scenes of our most ambitious shoot which involved helicopters, life boats and cliff rescue teams. One of the free bonus content films from Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown   
1st October 2013

Shooting - Rolling Clinic
Our 'Rolling Clinic' is unlike any previous rolling film. In this video podcast, we’ll introduce you to our approach. It’s the second of four free bonus content films from Volume 3 - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown   
15th September 2013

Shooting - Sea Kayak Navigation
Behind the scenes filming with Gordon Brown and Franco Ferrero, including out-takes and final footage from one of the four films in Volume 3  -
1st September 2013

Venice by Kayak
René Seindal - exploring the canals of this iconic city by kayak with
1st July 2013

Jaime Sharp
Jaime Sharp - sea kayaking the Grand Canyon and the business of adventure
1st June 2013

Video - Sea States for Kayakers
Calum McKerral - Weather forecasts and BCU awards make reference to sea states. Calum has produced a video guide to sea states as seen from a sea kayaker's perspective.  I interviewed Calum to turn this into a video-podcast.  Click to download free PDF guide.
1st May 2013
England to Finland
Erin Dunn & Alice Lawson - sea kayaking from England to Finland turns into a huge adventure and not all that far from home.
1st April 2013

John Willacy
A performance oriented approach to sea kayaking by the 'Adventure Paddler of the Year 2012'
1st March 2013

Jasper Around Ireland
Jasper Winn - He has written the excellent book, 'Paddle, A Long Way Around Ireland'. However, Jasper’s not too sure whether he's a sea kayaker yet. Jasper’s website is  Please buy the (highly recommended) book alongside.
1st February 2013

Aleutian Islands
This will inspire you to paddle somewhere wild in 2013!  Rob Avery shares his knowledge of this dream sea kayaking destination to the islands off Alaska.  
1st January 2013

Sea Kayak Navigation Aid
Howard Jeffs - a VIDEO podcast with the creator of an ingeniously simple new navigation aid for sea kayakers which bridges the gap between chart table work and kayak cockpit.
10th December 2012

Round Britain with a Stick
Rowland Woollven - the first person to kayak around Britain using a Greenland paddle, and it took him quite a few years. 
1st December 2012

Round Britain the Czech Way
Michal and Natalie Maderova 
With just 3 years paddling experience, this Czech couple share some great tales from their kayak trip around Britain. It’s the second of three circumnavigation 2012 podcasts.  Bonus material includes photos and video of the ‘hitch hiking seal’ only in the APP version. 15th November

Round Britain Record 2012
Joe Leach - a 24 year old kayak instructor who set a new 67 day record for circumnavigating the British mainland in 2012. The first of three podcasts with people who kayaked around Britain in 2012 with the next released on 15th November.   1st November 2012

Searching for the Finmen
Norman Rogers - in the early 1700's an Inuk paddling a traditional Greenland kayak landed on a Scottish beach. The quest to discover how he reached these shores uncovered an even more intriguing mystery, a community of 'Finmen' living off a remote Scottish island. The author of Searching for the Finmen tells the story.  It’s a superb book - please click alongside to buy from Amazon  1st October 2012
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Interviews with the world’s most interesting sea kayakers