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Far from being an afterthought, you’ll find some of the best conversations on this page, as it features an eclectic range of subjects to interest sea kayakers.

There are several interviews about different aspects of traditional kayak building. Everything you wanted to ask a Coastguard is answered in detail.

There are interviews about forward paddling, rolling, choosing a paddle, video, photography, seeking expedition sponsorship and more.  You see what I mean by eclectic?

And if you think you could add a subject to this page - tell me.mailto:simon@seakayakpodcasts.com?subject=Contact%20from%20SKP%20websiteshapeimage_1_link_0

Sea Kayak Nav Aid
Howard Jeffs - a VIDEO podcast with the creator of an ingeniously simple new navigation aid for sea kayakers.

Association of Paddlers/ Coaches
Olly Sanders - how the new APC could benefit all paddlers

Traditional Kayaks 1
Anders Thygesen - visitng kayak builder explains some of his technique.

Traditional Kayaks 2
Bill Samson - Scottish traditional kayak builder extraordinaire.

Traditional Kayaks 3
Sean Gallagher - a traditional kayak builder from Alaska.

Hydro Skeg  
Geoff Turner - the Kari-tek hydro sken and rudder explained by the man who devised them.

Search for the Finmen
Norman Rogers - the intriguing mystery of a community of 'Finmen' living off a remote Scottish island..

How to Pick a Paddle
Danny Mongno - how to choose the right paddle for you.

Coastguard Questions
Bill Speirs - all the answers to the questions you wanted to ask the coastguard (before Clyde closed).

Forward Paddling
Jim Kennedy & Shaun Caven - the experts improve your stroke.

Make a Folding Kayak
Tom Love & Dave Robertson - how to make a boat you put in a bag.

Sea States Guide
Calum McKerral - a VIDEO guide to sea states for kayakers. Also PDF guide.

Cedar Strip
Mike Bell - building cedar strip sea kayaks.

Helen Wilson - improve your roll, Greenland or Euro-blade style.

Bob Campbell - former PR man at P&H Sea Kayaks explains what he wants when sponsoring an expedition.

5 Star Award
Doug Cooper - what it takes to achieve the BCU 5-star award.

Douglas Wilcox - the best sea kayak snapper out there reveals his secrets.
NB link is to a page, not the mp3 file.

Justine Curgenven - an early interview with the woman who defined a genre of sports DVD.http://traffic.libsyn.com/seakayakpodcasts/Video_-_Sea_States_a_kayakers_guide.m4vhttp://bit.ly/10rRoRhhttp://traffic.libsyn.com/seakayakpodcasts/cedar.mp3http://traffic.libsyn.com/seakayakpodcasts/Rolling.mp3http://traffic.libsyn.com/seakayakpodcasts/Sponsorship.mp3http://traffic.libsyn.com/seakayakpodcasts/5_Star_Award.mp3PhotoP.htmlhttp://traffic.libsyn.com/seakayakpodcasts/Curgenven.mp3shapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3shapeimage_8_link_4shapeimage_8_link_5shapeimage_8_link_6shapeimage_8_link_7
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Interviews with the world’s most interesting sea kayakers
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