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Interviews with the world’s most interesting sea kayakers



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3 Fast Sea Kayak Repairs

Howard Jeffs - emergency and expedition sea kayak repair, both on the water and on the shore.

Lost Hatch & Leaking Skeg Repairs

Emergency and expedition sea kayak repair, both on the water and on the shore.

Composite Kayak Expedition Repair

Expedition repair to a composite kayak

Sea States for Kayakers

Calum McKerral - Weather forecasts and BCU awards make reference to sea states. Calum has produced a video guide to sea states as seen from a sea kayaker's perspective.  Free PDF guide.  1st May 2013

Free Sea Kayak Safety Video

Advice from expert kayakers and rescue professionals showsing safety equipment and techniques deployed in realistic scenarios. 15th October 2013

Kayak Navigation Aid

An ingeniously simple navigation aid for sea kayakers.

Shooting - Emergency Situations

Behind the scenes of our most ambitious shoot which involved helicopters, life boats and cliff rescue teams.

Shooting - Rolling Clinic

Our 'Rolling Clinic' is unlike any previous rolling film. In this video podcast, we’ll introduce you to our approach.

Shooting - Sea Kayak Navigation

Behind the scenes filming with Gordon Brown and Franco Ferrero, including out-takes and final footage

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